Finding Time for Your Workout: Simple Strategies for a Busy Life

In the modern hustle and bustle, finding time to workout can seem like a challenge. But with a few strategic changes, you can seamlessly integrate Kick and Fit Club into your routine. Here’s how:

1. Prioritize & Schedule: Treat your workout as an important meeting. Schedule it in your calendar and set reminders. Prioritize it just like any other essential task.

2. Morning Motivation: Start your day early with a workout. Morning exercises not only boost metabolism but also set a positive tone for the day. Kick and Fit Club offers classes starting at 5:30 a.m. to get your day started right.

3. Lunch Break Cardio Blast: Short on time? Kick and Fit Club has 30-minute cardio blast sessions at our University Commons location every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so you can get your heart rate up and get back to the day.

4. Stay Accountable: Find a workout buddy to meet you at class or use the MyZone fitness app and share your workouts with a friend for a little healthy competition. Having someone or something to answer to can increase commitment.

Remember, it’s not about “finding” time, but “making” time. With determination and creativity, you can ensure fitness is an integral part of your daily life.


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